Play in Beautiful British Columbia

The images capture the mural project that was painted in 2006 by Mike Svob and Alan Wylie as commissioned by Playtime Gaming. The 16-panel murals is installed as a massive digitized reproduction - 256 in length. Both artists have many years of professional experience painting conventionally sized canvasses as well as murals. Allan's first mural was finished in 1960. His first collaboration with Mike was at the Vancouver Airport in 1993. 

"It is a rare thing to be commissioned to do an art project of this size and scale with the wide open artistic license allowed us by Playtime Gaming. This gave both Alan and I free reign to conceive, design and paint this monumental work of art that truly represents our combined talents and vision of the west." — Mike Svob

"It was an unusual challenge presented by Playtime Gaming, when Mike and I were asked to design and paint a mural which was to be 8 feet high by two hundred and fifty six feet long, with the theme of recreation in beautiful British Columbia. We were afforded great artistic latitude by Tom Nellis and this is most unusual and definitely appreciated by us both. It turned out to be a very rewarding experience, and we hope that everyone who views it gets as much enjoyment from it as we got from painting it. Thanks to all was a blast!" — Alan Wylie

To view a brief documentary on the project entitled "The Muralist" by Peter J. Segnitz select the artists names listed at